At present time, Aura Preservation Solutions LLC provides service to clients in the following states, 

Our team is working continuously to expand our network.



Aura Preservation Solutions acts as your eyes, ears, and muscles from the time you acquire the property until it is transferred to you. The property is preserved and maintained, cash-for-keys evictions are negotiated, and our expertly trained team manages access for all vendors and stakeholders.


We maintain our commitment to providing ongoing upkeep and care for REO properties. We provide services for lawn sprinklers, snow removal, and home turf maintenance and pool cleaning on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis following the completion of our initial inspection.

In order to maximize marketability and comply with local regulations, our property maintenance staff puts in a lot of effort to ensure that preservation is carried out consistently. All homes benefit from our property maintenance services by maintaining their curb appeal and fostering ownership pride.


Damaged properties not only deter potential buyers, but they can also necessitate costly client repairs if prompt maintenance and repair are not provided. The damage may also result in the issuance of city-issued violations and citations in some instances. In the event of property damage, repairs must be completed promptly and effectively.

In order to address the requirements and concerns of customers, investors, neighborhoods, and cities, Aura Preservation Solutions offers remodeling and repair services for damaged properties. Most importantly, we work to get the property back into the best possible condition so that it will still be appealing to buyers and retain its value when sold.

We keep our renovation and repair projects on schedule and put a strong emphasis on building solid relationships with our customers to ensure constant communication. With uncompromising customer service and unparalleled professionalism, Aura Preservation Solutions carries out renovations of the highest possible quality.